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Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkhuni, Thailand’s first ordained Theravada Buddhist Nun, is an inspiring speaker and teacher. Join Venerable Dhammananda and me as we discuss everyday issues like how to find joy in your life, how to deal with difficult emotions like anger, and how to cope with stress. To access all the episodes of Casual Buddhism, click here.

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Casual Buddhism is inspired by my journey with Venerable Dhammananda as told in the book, Finding Venerable Mother, which you can purchase here.

Venerable Dhammananda, Jack Kornfield, and Trudy Goodman share in a memorable conversation.


Venerable Dhammananda gives meditation guidance.

Spiritual Friendship

In this episode we discuss how spiritual friendship can enhance our practice.

Buddhist Wisdom and Social Media

Venerable Dhammananda and guest discuss fake news, disinformation, and wise communication.

Calming the Monkey Mind

Myra Goodman talks with Venerable Dhammananda about quieting the chaos in our minds

Anatta or Non-Self

Liz and Venerable have an in-depth discussion about meditation and non-self


In this Casual Buddhism conversation, Venerable Dhammananda and I discuss ways to calm your anger.

Healing Sexual Trauma

Venerable Dhammananda talks about healing the inner child from sexual abuse

Chronic Pain

Venerable Dhammananda talks about how to cope with chronic pain.

Faith Adiele and Venerable Dhammananda

Venerable Dhammananda and Faith discuss COVID, racism, and meditative listening.


Cindy and Venerable discuss the deep practice of overcoming self

Deep Social Divisions

Venerable and Cheryl discuss compassion in the face of deep social divisions.


Venerable Dhammananda & Cindy talk about why forgiveness is important for you.

Wise Speech

Venerable Dhammananda clarifies examples of wise speech versus “useless” speech.


James has a heart-to-heart conversation with Venerable Dhammananda.

Coping with Loneliness

Cindy and Venerable talk about coping with loneliness.

Inter Connectedness

Gretchen Cherington and Venerable Dhammananda talk about being interconnected with the universe