Welcome to Casual Buddhism!

Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkhuni, Thailand’s first ordained Theravada Buddhist Nun, is an inspiring speaker and teacher. Join Venerable Dhammananda and me as we discuss every day issues like how to find joy in your life, how to deal with difficult emotions like anger, and how to cope with stress.

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Casual Buddhism is inspired by my journey with Venerable Dhammananda as told in the book, Finding Venerable Mother, which you can purchase here.


Venerable Dhammananda and I discuss how to keep hope alive in your life.


Venerable Dhammananda gives meditation guidance.


In this Casual Buddhism conversation, Venerable Dhammananda and I discuss ways to calm your anger.

Healing Sexual Trauma

Venerable Dhammananda talks about healing the inner child from sexual abuse


Venerable Dhammananda & Cindy talk about why forgiveness is important for you.

Wise Speech

Venerable Dhammananda clarifies examples of wise speech versus “useless” speech.