I woke up this morning with the words SHE WRITES PRESS emblazoned on my forehead. A year since publishing my spiritual memoir, Finding Venerable Mother I am feeling immense gratitude for Brooke Warner, Lauren Wise Wait, Crystal Patriarche, and the entire team at She Writes Press.

It is an honor and a privilege to be published by this all-female run company and winner of the 2019 Independent Publisher of the Year by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals. Why do I love She Writes Press so much? First of all, look to its founder, Brooke Warner. I owe the birth of my book to her devoted guidance and instruction as my writer coach and mentor. It is not easy to write a book, but under Brooke’s firm and patient instruction, we progressed page by page, chapter by chapter until the book was finished. It is no accident that I wrote my book in nine months, the gestation period to come to fruition.

Here are the reasons why I chose She Writes Press.

  1. I liked the safety and uncompromising ethical standards of the all-female run company.
  2. The fact that She Writes is a hybrid Press meant that, as the author, I had some control and input throughout the publication process, as well as a higher percentage of the profits.
  3. I gained courage that as a writer, and as a woman, my voice counted in the world of publishing.
  4. I was surrounded by female authors whose books I admired and whose writing I respected.
  5. The covers are incredible!

The bonus gift I discovered from becoming a She Writes Author is that I joined an esteemed community of other women authors. I have formed friendships and working relationships through collaboration with other She Writes Authors. I have felt the support and wisdom of their female voices in guiding my actions.

Perhaps it is fitting on my one-year anniversary to welcome all the new She Writes Sisters who have joined our community. Welcome, and don’t be shy about reaching out. It is an exciting time and we are proud that you have joined us. Be patient with yourselves and the process of launching a book, it isn’t easy. Know that the first year, and the first few months, are just the beginning of many opportunities that await you.

As I look toward the next year, I am filled with excitement and hope. We never know what the future holds, but when I look back on the past year, all the awards She Writes Press authors have garnered, I can only predict that the future looks promising. May we all be healthy, may we share our gifts with others, and may we continue to write and speak our truths.