24May. 2021

How Does Hope Happen?

In the kickoff episode of Casual Buddhism, I asked Venerable Dhammananda about how we remain hopeful in the face of ongoing uncertainties surrounding COVID, and increased violence towards Blacks and Asians. She surprised me when she said that one hopeful aspect of COVID is that it allows us to think globally. “We cannot be free from COVID alone; we must [...]

16May. 2021

Homage to She Writes Press

I woke up this morning with the words SHE WRITES PRESS emblazoned on my forehead. A year since publishing my spiritual memoir, Finding Venerable Mother I am feeling immense gratitude for Brooke Warner, Lauren Wise Wait, Crystal Patriarche, and the entire team at She Writes Press. It is an honor and a privilege to be published by this all-female [...]

12May. 2021

Welcome to Casual Buddhism!

Divine love is what Casual Buddhism is all about. I’ve always believed in divine love, but it wasn’t until I met the Thai Buddhist nun, Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkhuni, my teacher and spiritual mentor, that I discovered it for myself. Casual Buddhism is a series of ten-minute informal interviews with Venerable Dhammananda about practicing Buddhism in our everyday lives. We all [...]

8Nov. 2020

Democracy Matters: Let Freedom Ring

Where were you when you heard the announcement that Joe Biden was the declared winner in our presidential election? It was 8:27 am in Northern California on a Saturday morning. I was hiking with a group of fourteen women who call ourselves the Thrive Tribe sisters. The fall air was cool and crisp as we made our way along the [...]

30Aug. 2020

Ode to Thrive Tribe Sisters

This was a tough week. Not only were we struggling with the Corona virus pandemic, we were inundated with relentless wildfires that swept across California leaving in its wake 1.3 million burned acres of charred landscape. Every morning my friends and I would race to our phones to check the air quality. The smoky skies made it hard to breathe, [...]

3Jul. 2020

Hope for Authors in a Virtual World

When my publication day came, I heard two familiar refrains from people. Wasn’t it sad that my in-person launch was cancelled, and wasn’t I conflicted about promoting my book during this time of COVID and social and racial unrest? I took a different view. I was neither sad, nor conflicted. I perceived it as a “both and”situation. Yes, these are [...]

22May. 2020

Virtual Book Launch with Brooke Warner

I invite you to listen to the recorded version of my virtual launch with Brook Warner, publisher of She Writes Press.  In a very powerful interview Brooke delves into the depth of my relationship with my spiritual teacher and mentor, Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkhuni. There is a lively Q& A session that's not to be missed! Follow the link below and [...]

11Apr. 2020

Courage for Authors in the time of COVID-19

Like many of my She Writes Press sisters, I was disappointed when the pandemic struck, partly, because my book launch event scheduled for May 20thwill likely be cancelled. I felt genuine sorrow for the people whose family members are impacted with the illness. I was shocked when I learned that a husband of a close friend of mine passed away [...]

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