3Jul. 2020

Hope for Authors in a Virtual World

When my publication day came, I heard two familiar refrains from people. Wasn’t it sad that my in-person launch was cancelled, and wasn’t I conflicted about promoting my book during this time of COVID and social and racial unrest? I took a different view. I was neither sad, nor conflicted. I perceived it as a “both and”situation. Yes, these are [...]

22May. 2020

Virtual Book Launch with Brooke Warner

I invite you to listen to the recorded version of my virtual launch with Brook Warner, publisher of She Writes Press.  In a very powerful interview Brooke delves into the depth of my relationship with my spiritual teacher and mentor, Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkhuni. There is a lively Q& A session that's not to be missed! Follow the link below and [...]

11Apr. 2020

Courage for Authors in the time of COVID-19

Like many of my She Writes Press sisters, I was disappointed when the pandemic struck, partly, because my book launch event scheduled for May 20thwill likely be cancelled. I felt genuine sorrow for the people whose family members are impacted with the illness. I was shocked when I learned that a husband of a close friend of mine passed away [...]

27Mar. 2020

When I flew back from Thailand one week ago, my life changed dramatically. I admit it's been a bit challenging for me to go from the warm and loving environment of the monastery to living on my own in my condo. At the monastery I was never fully alone. Whenever I wanted company I could leave my room and be [...]

20Mar. 2020

A Beautiful Beginning

I woke at 4:30 am yesterday startled to see a text from a friend who said the State Department had ordered all citizens to return to the U.S immediately. For three weeks I had been peacefully settled in the day to day life of the monastery. Chanting, meditation, chores, breakfast and so on. My trip was cut short abruptly as [...]

17Mar. 2020

Hello from Thailand

Here is the latest news from Thailand. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am safe. Temperatures continue to hover around 100 degrees daily. The Coronavirus does not like the heat, so cases in Thailand are few-about 114. The monastery has been closed to new visitors since shortly after my arrival. As far as I know I am safe. [...]

6Mar. 2020

Song of the Night

Greetings from Thailand. It’s 3 am in the morning and I’m awake, so why not write. Outside a bird that sounds like a whip-poor-whil calls out in the night, echoing my thoughts exactly. Wake up, wake up, the night is beautiful. Rejoice. Dhammananda, or Venerable Mother as I call her, says life is beautiful and most of the time I [...]

3Mar. 2020

The Journey Home

Life is a series of meaningful coincidences we weave together to tell the story of our lives. The next few blog posts I write will be devoted to my story about being here with my teacher Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkhuni at her monastery, Wat Songdhammakalyani, in Nakom Pathom, Thailand. Writing these blogs are a way for me to share my adventures [...]