When I flew back from Thailand one week ago, my life changed dramatically. I admit it’s been a bit challenging for me to go from the warm and loving environment of the monastery to living on my own in my condo. At the monastery I was never fully alone. Whenever I wanted company I could leave my room and be greeted by the nuns. Even though we didn’t speak the same language, a nod or smile in my direction made me feel included.

Now that I am on am on my own, here’s what I know to be true. This is the time to practice gratitude, to shift my expectations to honor the simple blessings of my life. Here’s what makes me happy. Talking to my son and sister on FaceTime; hiking every morning with my beloved girlfriends (at a safe social distance); cooking nourishing meals; meditating and sending healing energy to people I love; dancing alone to music, and calling two friends every day. These are moments to cherish.

We will get through this by seeking connection to others, even if we can’t meet in person. And while I don’t have any magic remedy to relieve those intermittent feelings of loneliness, here’s one thing I know for sure. By practicing gratitude we can enjoy the precious moments life has to offer. What are your gratitude practices and what is helping you during these challenging times. I’d love to hear from you.
Sending you love and light.